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Myspace Background for Profile 2.0

Theme #33

Sarah has joined MySpace! Mood: good good at 9:09 PM May 19 view more

  • 23 / Female
  • Miami, Florida, US
  • Last Login: 6/20/2009

Music Player



  • Status: Single
  • Here for: Friends
  • Hometown: Miami
  • Body type: 5' 7" / Athletic
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Zodiac Sign: Oven
  • Children: Not yet
  • Smoke: No
  • Education: College Graduate

Pick a Color

Black Blue Brown Default Navy Pink Red White

Step-by-Step Instruction:

Part - "A" Code:

1. Select any color template by switching "Radio Buttons".
2. Copy Part - "A" Code.
3. Login to your Myspace account.
4. Point to "Profile" tab on Myspace navigational bar and select "Edit Profile".
5. Choose "About Me" or "Interests" section (second on the left Menu list).
6. Paste the following code into any unused by you Textarea box (usually in "About Me", "General" or "Heroes" section).
7. Press "Save Changes" button (at the bottom of the page).

Part - "B" Code:

1. Copy Part - "B" code.
2. Point to "Profile" tab on Myspace navigational bar and select "Customize Profile".
3. Choose "No Theme" at "Profile 2.0 - Customize Profile" screen under "Select Theme" section.
4. When "Keep Custom Styles?" box will appear - press on "Remove" button.
5. Then choose and open CSS section.
6. Now Paste the code into a Textarea Box.
7. Press "Publish" button (on the top-right corner).
8. "Published!" box appears, select "Profile" button and see the final result.

Activity Stream


About us:

We are, at Fillster, work hard to let you customize your Myspace 2.0 Profile with ease. You can find different types of Myspace Profile 2.0 Backgrounds and Layouts for all kinds of taste, not limiting you to have only default backgrounds provided by

Also, we designed this page to let you choose what kind of div table themes you prefer instead of forcing you to utilize something picked by somebody else. You can find the full step-by-step instruction, where and how to place the code of your choice.

If you still have Myspace 1.0 Profile Layout then Go Here for corresponding HTML Codes.

Who I'd like to meet:

People who are looking for cool stuff for Myspace Profile 2.0


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  • Jun 25 2009 3:44 PM

    Fillster always offers tons of cool and free background 2.0 categories and their Myspace HTML Codes to choose from. It's so easy to create and customize Myspace profile 2.0 with your Premade Backgrounds.
  • Jun 23 2009 7:23 PM

    Fillster has a huge selection of free Myspace 2.0 Layouts. I feel that this is the right free code source for all Myspace stuff needs. Thank you!