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HTML Marquees • Marquee Codes for Myspace

The following Marquee html tags are created to help you to build your own web application, website or Myspace marquee blog. In this table you can find most useful text tags as well as marquee image codes. Just follow our tutorial and learn how to manipulate HTML tags and codes to reach your goal without need to use any kind of Marquee Generator. Knowledge is Power! Pay attention that not all browsers, Netscape - old versions in particular, do support marquee function.

Marquee Codes Marquee Demo Marquees Marquee Tutorial Marquee image action
Right marquee direction
BASIC Marquee
<marquee>Change text between marquee tags</marquee>
Change text between marquee tags
<marquee behavior="slide">Slide marquee behavior</marquee>
Slide marquee behavior (To see it in action - Refresh the page again)
<marquee behavior="alternate">Alternate marquee behavior</marquee>
Alternate marquee behavior
<marquee direction="right">Right marquee direction</marquee>
Right marquee direction
<marquee direction="up">Up marquee direction</marquee>
Up marquee direction
<marquee direction="down">Down marquee direction</marquee>
Down marquee direction
Marquee LOOP • Number of times marquee wiil scroll (loop)
<marquee loop="3">This marquee is set to scroll (to loop) 3 times</marquee>
This marquee is set to scroll (loop) 3 times
<marquee loop="5">Another example: This marquee will loop 5 times</marquee>
Another example: This marquee will loop 5 times
Marquee SCROLLAMOUNT • Smaller SCROLLAMOUNT value scrolls marquee slower
<marquee scrollamount="10">SCROLLAMOUNT marquee equals 10</marquee>
SCROLLAMOUNT marquee equals 10
<marquee scrollamount="20">Another example: SCROLLAMOUNT marquee equals 20</marquee>
Another example: SCROLLAMOUNT marquee equals 20
Marquee SCROLLDELAY • Smaller SCROLLDELAY value scrolls marquee faster
<marquee scrolldelay="250">SCROLLDELAY marquee. 250 = ¼ sec</marquee>
SCROLLDELAY marquee. 250 = ¼ sec
<marquee scrolldelay="500">Another example: SCROLLDELAY marquee 500 = ½ sec</marquee>
Another example: SCROLLDELAY marquee 500 = ½ sec
Miscellaneous HTML Marquee Tags
<marquee bgcolor="#66CD00">Changing bgcolor value changes marquee background color</marquee>
Changing bgcolor value changes marquee background color
<marquee behavior="alternate"><marquee width="200">Reoccuring Marquee</marquee></marquee>
Reoccuring Marquee
<marquee scrollamount="5" width="40">&lt;&lt;&lt;</marquee>Opposite Direction Marquees<marquee scrollamount="5" direction="right" width="40">&gt;&gt;&gt;</marquee>
<<<<<Opposite Direction Marquees>>>>>
<marquee width="60%" direction="up" behavior="alternate"><marquee direction="right" behavior="alternate">ZigZag Marquee</marquee></marquee>
ZigZag Marquee
<marquee scrollamount="15" direction="up" behavior="alternate"><marquee scrollamount="15" direction="right" behavior="alternate"><img src="YourImage.gif" /></marquee></marquee>
Marquee Image - ZigZag
<marquee direction="down"><img src="" /></marquee>
Scrolling Marquee
<marquee"><img src="" /></marquee>
Myspace Marquee ImageMarquees @ Fillster.comMyspace Marquee Image

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